Our Ethics


Ethics is the heart of what we do at Matahari, The items we stock are either vintage, handmade or ethically sourced. Bringing you magical gems from around the world!

pieces are either handmade by us in the UK, sourced locally, like our vintage collection, or ethically sourced. Our pieces are not massed produced, we only work with small family run businesses, and they supply us with the stock that they produce, meaning each time we receive a new collection, its a complete surprise and often pieces are limited edition.

As fast fashion is damaging our planet and is one of the highest contributors to global warming , we feel its so important to shop sustainably, particular by buying vintage or second hand! We absolutely love sourcing vintage gems and sharing them with you all. Pre-loved clothing is the best way to buy clothing, in a world where we are overpowered by fast fashion. All of our vintage is handpicked by us locally. You can find our vintage collection here.


You will also find our handmade creations on our shop, such as our crochet earrings! Which are made from acrylic yarn, and also our zero waste beauty products, like our make up pads, these are made from recycled fabrics or organic cotton and bamboo towelling. You can find our zero waste beauty products here.


Every step at Matahari is trying to lower our footprint and be kinder to the earth. We adore recycling, therefore our business cards are printed on recycled card, and we package your parcels in reused envelopes or mailing bags, brown paper, or compostable packaging. Please reuse or recycle when possible.

We try in every way we can to make a difference, however small! So thank you for shopping with us at Matahari Collective.